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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Between the Pages book club. I’m Sylvs and I’m technically the moderator of this group! As a book club we would be reading a book per month and I thought there would be nothing better to start with than a light-hearted read: To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han which has recently been made into a Netflix film of the same name. I heard many good things about this book and this movie and I’m very eager to get started. I hope you are too!

If you are not a romance fan, never fear! We don’t have one genre in particular we will read, I am trying to get everyone reading a wide range of books from different authors and with different and unique storylines. For example one month we may be reading romance and the next we would read a book from the sci-fi genre. In general, this group aims to bring people together through literature and reading, something I am very passionate about. I hope through talking, discussing and sharing our appreciation of literature, we can create an even stronger bookish community not only on Goodreads but in general too and inspire others to pick up a novel and GET READING!!

Please write down below any suggestions you have for Book Club novels. Just remember to choose something YA!



Would you be interested in reading the Tomorrow series in your little book club?

16th May, 19

Maybe :)

16th May, 19

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23rd May, 19