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Hey guys!!

So this month for book club we were reading To All the Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han! I chose it as it was recently adapted to a Netflix film and I have heard high praises from reviewers and friends alike. Overall, I enjoyed it very much, I have listed a few things that I loved below:

-The sisterhood between Kitty, Lara Jean and Margot. They didn’t sugar coat it and they did have ups and downs but despite everything they still loved and supported each other. It was so nice to see healthy family relationships 🙂
-The love triangle (yes, despite it being a cliché I really loved it!)
-The relationship between Peter and Lara Jean
-Korean culture representation
-Baking appreciation (I got very good montage of cake and food which I appreciated ;P)
-Lara Jean was RELATABLE!
-The shenanigans with the letters being posted. Just really amusing and entertaining to watch unfold
-The writing was done really well and it kept everything really nice and fluffy!
-Lara Jean was honest and I loved her point of view!
-It has some loose threads which would provide for a very interesting sequel *sips coffee slowly*


Personally I thought that at times it was really slow and I wanted it to pick up the pace at times. But maybe that’s just me. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Did you like it? Was the book better than the movie or were they equally good? Write your thoughts in the discussion below!


inky Centre for Youth Literature

Hi Sylvs! Love the book club idea, thank you for being such a wonderful, proactive member of the Inside a Dog community!
I have to admit, I'm a sucker for romance, and a sucker for a good ol' love triangle, so I absolutely loved this book! I agree, Lara Jean was super relatable but also a well-rounded, complex character. Even though it did seem a little slow at times, I liked getting to know Lara Jean and exploring the many different facets of her life. Bring on the sequel, I say!

3w ago

Hi Inky! Thank you so much! I agree with basically all of your points, I found that Lara Jean was funny, relatable and utterly human. I love romance books and expected this to be cheesy however it was done very subtly and it wasn't melodramatic and over the top. I'm really excited to read the sequel, hopefully I'll pick it up soon and then review it :D

3w ago