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Nyxia Discussion November 2020

Hi everyone!

This is the discussion post for Nyxia, the first novel in the Nyxia triad by author Scott Reintgen. For those that read it, I hope you enjoyed this YA sci-fi novel, and stick around till tomorrow for the final book of the month for Between the Pages bookclub. I personally didn’t like this book a whole lot, but I hope you all enjoyed it!

Here are some of my thoughts:

 – Ok so, positives first. I really liked the concept of it and found it to be quite interesting.

 – I’m glad that there was a diverse cast of characters of different cultures.

 – A lot of the competitive elements were interesting.

 – There are some interesting character relationships here.

 – There was a plot twist around the middle that was highly unexpected.

 – Now, onto my criticisms, so while the concept was good, the execution was less so.

 – There’s very limited worldbuilding and I would have loved more depth to everything.

 – A lot of the book is very repetitive, with competition after completion.

 – The stakes almost don’t feel that high at times, simply because there was going to be eight winners out of 10.

 – I would have liked a bit more depth to these characters, as since there are some many of them, we don’t get much about them besides their most defining traits.

 – I did not like the instalove at all at the end, especially since the author has shown that he can build up relationships.

 – Most of the book felt too slow and repetitive and the final things in the ending almost felt rushed.

  – Essentially, I would have liked more from the book, but I did enjoy the overall concept.

So that is what I thought of this book, and I ended up giving it a 4.5/10 and I hope to discuss the book with you in the comments below!


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

3rd Dec, 20

Of course!

3rd Dec, 20