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Hello guys!

At the start of the month I chose Gumiho as our book of the month! I hope you read it and enjoyed it as much as I did. I overall rated it 4.1 stars but I want to know what you think. I wrote a list of positives and negatives that i hated and loved. Also if you haven’t read the book be warned that there might be spoilers:

-You could see the change in Miyoung’s personality when she grew more comfortable around Jihoon
-Gumiho and Korean mythology done justice!!
-Jihoon was not a cringey character and he said really wise things that deserve to be printed on a t-shirt for the world to see
-Kdrama vibes *hehe*
-Amazing personalities at the start!
-Miyoung was very focused on herself and being a cold gumiho. We could also see her inner battle with being human and Gumiho.
-World building and mythology set up for next book!!!!!

-Very slow
-I swear the real climax happened at page 250. After that I just was not that interested
-Plotline fell a bit after the page 250 climax
-Storyline felt a taaaaaaaaad bit muddy…. just a bit
-Characters didn’t excite me or interest me at all after page 250
-Characters personalities and voices became the same really
-Was it just me or was Yena really annoying?
-I did not get some of the logic behind Miyoung’s decisions.
-After page 250 I was seriously questioning the chemistry between Jihoon and Miyoung

Those are just my thoughts but did you think something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tomorrow, we are announcing another Book of The Month! Stay tuned because it’s very hyped up, LGBTQ+ and fantasy with a sequel on the horizon 😉 Can you guess what it is?