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Girls of Paper and Fire Discussion

Warning: Spoilers for Girls of Paper and Fire below.

Hey everyone!

Welcome the the Between the Pages discussion post for July of 2020, where we will be discussing Girls of Paper and Fire, the first novel in the Girls of Paper and Fire duology by author Natasha Ngan. I hope everyone enjoyed it and please feel to discuss the book by commenting below. I personally quite liked it and gave it a solid 4 out of 5 stars and a rating of 8 out of 10. 

Here are just some of my thoughts on the novel.

  • It started sort of generic but become a lot more interesting later on.
  • I really enjoyed the worldbuilding and liked that it was set in a world inspired by Malaysian mythology.
  • It is a lot more graphic than YA novels and deals with some pretty heavy stuff like sexual assault which isn’t talked that often, but I’m glad it did.
  • Wren is just AMAZING and was my favourite character in the novel.
  • It was sort of just contained to these two locations and I’m expecting the world to be greatly expanded in book 2. 
  • The Demon King can go die in a hole because I hated him that much even though his story sort of makes sense.
  • I felt the novel got a bit lost in the middle without much direction but…
  • Everything wrapped up really well and I really enjoyed the ending!
  • I actually quite liked the romance in this and the yearning and angst was so good. 
  • I liked Lei, our main protagonist and could really sympathise for her. 
  • I feel bad for a lot of the other Paper Girls and especially as to either delusion or the way that they were brought up in the world. 
  • Did I mention that Wren is great?! Well she is.
  • The caste system was interesting if not wholly original but I liked the way it was utilised.

And well, those are just some of my thoughts on the novel and I would love to discuss it with everyone. Happy reading!



Ooh, lala!

31st Jul, 20
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How did the month of July feel so long and now it's finished?????

31st Jul, 20

Time this year has just been the weirdest thing it's not even funny

31st Jul, 20