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Discussion for Pumpkinheads

Hi everyone!

I hope some people had the chance to read by Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell which was Between the Pages bookclub read for May of 2020. I also hope that if you did have the chance to read it this month(or any other time if you have read it before this) that you all really enjoyed this. 

Since I am fairly inexperienced with graphic novels, I personally don’t have the most to say about this book, though please feel free to discuss anything about this book with me below.

I did really enjoy it and really liked the art style. I found the art style to be really warm and friendly, as if these characters and the pumpkin patch felt like such an inviting place. It certainly helped with the story, that was largely focussed on this wonderful friendship and their last time working at the pumpkin patch together, and it really helped highlight their friendship together.

Even though I did really enjoy it, I didn’t love it, and ended up giving it four stars, which does still mean that I found it to be really good. I found the ending, which was predictable was slightly short, and I personally perhaps would have liked it for it to be extended a bit longer so that the reader gets a bit more payoff after getting through the novel. 

The plot was also fairly loose and it is quite character focussed and it does take place over the one night/afternoon. This does mean the characters were already established before the start of the novel and that the character’s don’t see massive change, which was perfectly fine, and I did like the way it ended and at how the character’s realised certain things about their lives. 

I did really enjoy the two main characters and loved at how much life they brought to the story. Like I already mentioned, I really found that their friendship was the highlight for me in this book.

Please leave your thoughts below and I’ll be happy to discuss the book with you!