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Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another discussion page! This time on Carry On by Rainbow Rowell which has received a lot of praise and a lot of criticisms. I personally have heard that it is a very slow book from so many people who have read it but a few friends love it and even consider it as their favourite book. I read it (in preparation for Wayward Son) and LOVED it so much I rated it a 5 star read! Here are just some things I loved


-LGBTQ+ rep (cos we love that 😉 )
-Vampires (= massive win with me. I’m a hopeless vampire fan)
-Every cliche un-cliche-d
-The Hogwarts but not Hogwarts Watford School of Magic
-Enemies to lovers
-The failure chosen one
-The writing
-Cute romance
-Baz fighting against his feelings
-Even when they fall in love Baz is still teasing Simon
-Simon with wings
-The world building
-Actually good vampire rep
-The idea of voids and gaping shadowy selves
-Penelope FULL STOP
-Agatha. Now hear me out here, Rowell made her a character that we love to hate
-The mystery surrounding Simon’s family
-The dynamics of the Pitch family
-The magic spells i.e., “These are not the droids you’re looking for”

-Some of the spell names (it’s a double edged sword sometimes it was like “HAHAHA” but other times it was “oh god nooooo”)
-The state in which Simon and Baz gone from kissing to “I wanna be your boyfriend” was too quick I reckon and I would’ve preferred a steady transition into it.
-That it ended (I loved it okay!!)


While I’m here and because technically I’m meant to announce this today, the October book club book will be The Diviners by Libba Bray which is great since it’s horror and Goodreads is currently doing Horror Week! I think it would be a very spooky YA read that would be perfect for Halloween!

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I don't hate Agatha per se... but I'm glad she moved to another country. And yes, the banter is a masterpiece.

2nd Oct, 19