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Hey Guys! 
This month we’ve been reading Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!  This book is a new release sci-fi and there have been many mixed reviews on it from what I could see on Goodreads. Some have hated it and some have loved it. Unfortunately for me I didn’t enjoy it as much I was hoping to. I found the following: 

-Too many perspectives 
-I didn’t care about half of the perspectives (Scarlett, Cat’s, Finian, Zila) 
-Too many characters as main characters 
-All the character’s first person voices blended into one
-I didn’t really like Aurora I have to admit 
-Too much sarcasm with the characters that didn’t really make any of them particularly stand out 
-I had no idea what was going on with the plot 
-I had no idea where the book was being set/the scenes 
-I’m still a little salty a ship didn’t work out that I was hardcore shipping 
-This book was said to be lgbtq+ and it wasn’t 
-No romance 
-The only romance wasn’t even developed it was more like “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY *holds hands* I LOVED YOU EVER SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU” and I was sitting here being like “Oh really”

There were lots of Positives too though! 
-Sarcasm done well (just overused) 
-Alien race diversity 
-I loved Tyler and Kal! <3 
– High key was shipping Tyler and Kal more than anything 

Look, I’d read the sequel. I’d read it because I have faith in Kaufman and Kristoff’s writing because my god can they slay our hearts in two. This is just my personal opinion but did you like or did you hate the book? do you think there were too many perspectives? Do you think this book deserves the hype it received?

Write down in the comments below 🙂 



I loved the easter eggs in Aurora Rising! We didn't really learn too much about Aurora and didn't develop a connection as we kept switching perspectives. Also the "I have a mating bond thing" is kind of a cop-out to a real romance. I'm not sure what you mean about the setting, I was fine. I love the different alien species. Also, I don't actually ever remember Aurora Rising being advertised as LGBQTIA+. I liked the book, I just wished more than a chapter was allocated to a character's perspective in a row, as we didn't really get to stick, and I found myself flipping back to the start of the chapter to find out who was narrating. P.S Why would you ship Tyler and Kal? *muttering* Damn fangirls shipping males...

30th Jun, 19

-I didn't pick up on any easter eggs (I'm super unobservant lol)
-same with the perspectives
-I know that's why I hated the whole "bond" with Kal and Aurora THERE WAS NO EMOTIONAL CONNECTION it was kinda like Twilight with Jacob and Renesmee with the whole creepy imprinting
-I was just super lost lol I didn't connect much with the story which was a shame because I WAS SO HYPED for this novel ;(
-They said "The main character is definitely bi" and also Jay Kristoff even stated on goodreads:

"How much gay can we expect in this book?

Real space is rainbow-colored. Ours is no exception. :)"

-exactly! I think that would've helped the book a lot more and honestly i found myself doing the same
-I just thought they'd work out? Also you even have to admit they had a stronger friendship than Aurora and Kal who's relationship came out of nowhere

30th Jun, 19

In reply to sylvs

One of the easter eggs that comes to mind is "Squad 312". That's the room where Kristoff and Kaufman first met. Lol you've got me there. But I still don't feel any chemistry.

30th Jun, 19

In reply to bookwithbane

I honestly wanted this Kal and Aurora thing to just stop. If the authors developed the romance then maybe I would've loved it more but I really disliked how Aurora was like "Okay you like me let's just see where this would go." I thought she liked Tyler!

1st Jul, 19

I happened to really love this book, I read it in a day amongst busy school schedules so for me that equals an awesome book! I agree about the mating bond thing it was a little strange, but I also didn't find the book advertised as LGBTQIA+ I found it on the shelves as just another space book! However also in response to @sylvs when they said the main character is bi they were referring to Finian as throughout the book he openly flirts with both the males and the females within the squad but I guess if you weren't really interested in his perspective it could have been missed :) I liked how the LGBTQIA+ representation wasn't openly stated as it felt normalised as it should be! Why would they have to mention their sexuality when its just another part of their personality as you discover over the book? (I also read your other review which is how I found this discussion so apologies if I'm taking things from there!) But yeah I look forward to seeing how the series plays out :)

16th Jul, 19
inky State Library Victoria

The book sounds a bit distracted. Do you think maybe they are pumping out the books too fast? Perhaps the plot will make more sense in the sequel? You know - small things placed in the first book that will become stronger later?

1st Jul, 19

The plot might develop in the next book... I definitely can see where the book series is going but with Aurora Rising in particular, I found that it took such a long time to work out what was happening.

1st Jul, 19

This book is kind of a celebration of their partnership and I think they're pumping out too many books

1st Jul, 19

In reply to bookwithbane

Agreed. They are releasing so many books!!!!

2nd Jul, 19