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A Darker Shade of Magic - 2020 February Bookclub Discussion

*Warning* I can’t promise that there won’t be spoilers if you read any further.

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the discussion post for A Darker Shade of Magic which was the Between the Pages book club read for February. Look forward to tomorrow for next month’s book which should hopefully be an awesome sci-fi book. I hope that you all at least liked A Darker Shade of Magic a little bit? It was my first time doing this so I hope it wasn’t too bad. Here’s a rough rundown of my thoughts.

 – I really liked the worldbuilding

 – The idea of all the London’s matching, yet the rest of the worlds being different was so cool.

 – I liked at how there was minimal romance and at how it was not the centre of the story.

 – I generally liked the all of the different characters.

 – I enjoyed the determination of Lila.

 – How cool was Prince Rhy?

 – Kell was really great too of a character.

 – I enjoyed the pacing and at how it wasn’t overly rushed nor super fast paced.

 – The action scenes and magic were done fairly well. 

Now here are some of the points that I didn’t like as much.

 – I did find Lila to be a bit irritating at the start, she did grew of me though and I liked her just fine at the end. 

 – I did think that the plot could have been a bit more exciting and maybe more explosive? if that makes sense?

 – From what I remember, I did wish that the characters could have changed a bit more in terms of development, but then again, like it’s only book one.

I did actually really enjoyed this and gave it 8/10, or 4 stars on Goodreads. I do think the good things certainly outweighed the things I didn’t like. Please comment below on your thoughts on the book and if you liked it or hated it, or found it ok and I would like to see what we may have agreed and disagreed upon.